Mariposa Homemade Ice Cream

About Us

Mariposa Ice Cream was opened in the summer of 2000 in San Diego, CA by Dick and Anna VanRansom-Magana.  Dick, a fourth generation dairy farmer from New York, still makes the ice cream with the same recipes he learned from his Grandpa Pete when he was 12.  Although we no longer use the same 1923 White Mountain hand-cranked ice cream machine, we follow Grandpa Pete's process of using quality ingredients and fresh milk and cream, while using a batch freezer that is designed to exactly replicate the hand-cranked process.

Mariposa is brought to Temecula by Tim and Teri Rose, two family members and long-time employees of the San Diego location.  Teri has lived in Temecula for 20 years and is actively involved in the community.  Tim was raised in Temecula before moving to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego and become more involved in the family business.  Having graduated, he is excited about the opportunity to bring old-fashioned homemade ice cream back to his hometown.

Cold Facts

  • The name Mariposa comes from Mariposa, CA, where Dick started the business.  It also means butterfly in Spanish
  • Our ice cream contains NO eggs (except for pumpkin and cookie dough).  Grandpa Pete always said if it had eggs it was a custard.
  • Compared to most commercial ice creams, our ice cream has 1/3 less sugar and half the air.  We also never add any artificial colors or preservatives.
  • While we only make real old-fashioned ice cream, our sherbet is made with only a small amount of low-fat milk and our sorbet (sor-bay) is dairy free.
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